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Bad Intersections Map

About Bad Intersections Map Database is a crowdsourced map database of intersections that are potentially hazardous and annoying.  Our mission is to identify hazardous intersections for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to raise the level of awareness of problematic intersections to driver and city officials to improve safety. We seek to use media sources, DOT's, law firms, city, state, country and federal agencies to identify intersections with the following characteristics: high rates of accidents & fatalities (vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, motorcycles, trains) & dangerous railroad crossings.     

We started the to solve the problem of city, state, county & federal agencies lack transparency and consistency with information flow of accidents and fatalities. Since we launched the crowdsourced database in 2015, we have identified over 10,000+ intersections that are potentially hazardous to drivers and pedestrians. We also track what cities, states, counties and federal agencies are doing to improve these dangerous intersections by label these intersections in the database as "improved".

Here is our List of Top Reasons That Cause a Dangerous Intersection

We are also making best efforts to get this data onto vehicle, pedestrian and bike navigation apps like Waze & Here as a "soft warning" to beware of a potentially hazardous intersection. Please send us an email or call if you are interested in using the data for this purpose.

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